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Doors & Openers

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Garage door serves as an important portal within your home and must be looked after and fixed by a reliable service provider like Garage Door Repair Fort Salonga NY. Our company could replace old garage doors, install new ones or even fix it without causing hassle. We are completely versed on all styles as well as could use no matter what type of material, making your garage door job Garage Door Repair Fort Salonga NYlike it was a dream.

Why replace or fix springs in your garage door?

Torsion springs are situated right on the top and sides of the garage door.

They are the one responsible on maintaining tension on your door when it is being raised or lowered. Since they are under great tension, most of the time, they tend to snap or even break.

It may happen couple of times within the lifespan of your garage door that could lead to injuries or accidents if you just keep on ignoring it.